Games using Chipmunk:

Chipmunk has been used in quite a few commercial and non-commercial games released on a number of platforms. This is only the small list of games that I've been told of or heard of through Google. (I've been really bad about updating it in the last two years or so.)

In Other Engines:
  • Cocos2D - Chipmunk is included in the popular Cocos2D engine, so many games using Cocos2D also use Chipmunk.
  • Apportable - The Apportable SDK allows you to crosscompile your iOS app to other platforms, like Android. Chipmunk is fully supported!
  • Marmalade - Mobile application development kit- cross platform C/C++ development kit which now also can deploy to desktops.
  • Kobold 2D - Built on top of cocos2d-iphone.
  • libgosu - 2D game development library for the Ruby and C++ programming languages
  • Jumpcore - Jumpcore is a multiplatform C++ game framework
  • Crayon Ball - A physics twist on the old color matching genre. Made by a friend and myself. (Mac/PC)
  • Nikki and the Robots - Awesome indie platformer
  • Biofilm - RTS based around bacteria. (Mac only)
  • Eternity's Child - Platformer with comic book inspired graphics. With a WiiWare? port of the game, it's possible Chipmunk has made it's way onto consoles! (PC only)
  • XMoto - While the core of the game uses ODE, the next version will use Chipmunk to simulate boxes and other items to interact with. (PC/Mac/Linux)
  • Liquid Defense - Somewhat similar to Enigmo or Incredible Machine. (Mac only)
  • Zany Doodle - A physics sandbox game similar to Crayon Physics. YouTube videos
  • The Magic Toy Chest - Physics based puzzle game. Looks a lot like The Incredible Machine. (PC only)
  • NightSky - Roll a ball through beautiful artistic levels.
  • Mouse House - Block pushing puzzle game. (also on iPhone / Mac / PC)
PSP/DS Homebrew
  • Stakker - Make towers and then knock them over for points. (PSP)
  • Anti-Tetris A comical (IMO) twist on Tetris. I'd love to see the surprise on a hardened Tetris veteran's face when handed that game. :D (PSP)
  • Brix DS - Controlled tower toppling game.
  • Penguin In A Shopping Cart - Penguin in a Shopping Cart is a tilt controlled action game about a traveling penguin!
  • Monkey Must Run - A side scrolling, always-running platformer with randomly generated levels.
  • Avengees - A physics based shooter - knock over walls and buildings built by other players.
  • Chopper 2 - Mac and iOS versions exist of this side scrolling helicopter game where you rescue tiny people and shoot bad guys.
  • Charm Quark - Unique color matching game where you smash atoms.
  • Crayon Ball - Real-time physics based puzzle game. (Made by yours truly)
  • Twilight Golf - Another physics puzzler made by me featuring realtime dynamic shadows running on the iPhone!
  • Waking Mars - A top selling, IGF Nominated, exploration game that uses Chipmunk, by the author of Spider: Secret of Bryce Manor. Read about it on Gamasutra, and see sales stats.
  • Zoo Hero - Pong like game with a rather neat multiplayer mode.
  • Ultrinium - Cave flying game like Thrust.
  • Acidity - A free-to-play ball bouncing bagatelle-like game!
  • Pota-toss - Toss potatoes in a multiplayer iOS game with spiffy geolocation features (still in development as of May 2012)
  • Dreamy Goat - A relaxing art game that features a goat!
  • Trumble - It's like Tetris, but with physics!
  • Fat Birds - Launch birds, bounce around, and grab powerups.
  • MadLocks - Fling your way though 50 levels as you try and stop the extraordinary lineup of hackers standing in your way. Looks similar to Fat Birds.
  • Drop and Lock - Physics puzzler that features color matching with hexes and accelerometer control. Website
  • Finger Physics - A great looking physics puzzler.
  • I Dig It - #1 app for a while. An exploration game with some Dig Dug vibes to it.
  • Crush the Castle - Destroy castles with a catapult. Was up into the top 10 on the App Store for a while.
  • Chalkboard Stunts - Fun looking racing game with a built in level editor.
  • Doodle Army - Action packed shooter game.
  • DungeonDefense - A tower defense like game from the makers of I Dig It.
  • Hangman Sim - Simple Hangman game with an interactive hangman doll.
  • Athletics - Simple racing game.
  • iSplume - Snood clone with physics.
  • Micro Labyrinth - Simple Labyrinth game.
  • Has a number of simple games designed for younger audiences. Chipmunk is used in several of them.
  • Pinch 'n Pop - Looks very well polished, but is hard to describe the gameplay in words. You must check out the gameplay video!
  • Pollywog - Another great looking game by Chaotic Box.
  • Pachinko Puzzle - Similar to the old mechanical handheld games that dropped balls from the top. You must hit all pegs with a certain number of marbles in a certain amount of time.
  • Twiddle - Pong based word game.
  • Ball Dizzy - Pool-like arcade game.
  • Airport Madness - Arcade balancing game.
  • Seraphim's Scepter - Polished looking breakout clone.
  • Happy Words
  • Rafter's Loot - Stacking Action Game
  • Bitsy the Spider - Kids Game
  • Star Chase - Space Game
  • Chipmunk is included with the Cocos 2D game engine, so there are a lot of game out there using it that I don't even know about.

If you have a project that uses the Chipmunk physics library, send me an email and I'll add it to the list. I know that there are a lot missing.