Chipmunk2D Pro API Reference  7.0.2
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typedef struct cpSimpleMotor cpSimpleMotor
 Opaque struct type for damped rotary springs.


CP_EXPORT cpBool cpConstraintIsSimpleMotor (const cpConstraint *constraint)
 Check if a constraint is a damped rotary springs.
CP_EXPORT cpSimpleMotorcpSimpleMotorAlloc (void)
 Allocate a simple motor.
CP_EXPORT cpSimpleMotorcpSimpleMotorInit (cpSimpleMotor *joint, cpBody *a, cpBody *b, cpFloat rate)
 initialize a simple motor.
CP_EXPORT cpConstraintcpSimpleMotorNew (cpBody *a, cpBody *b, cpFloat rate)
 Allocate and initialize a simple motor.
CP_EXPORT cpFloat cpSimpleMotorGetRate (const cpConstraint *constraint)
 Get the rate of the motor.
CP_EXPORT void cpSimpleMotorSetRate (cpConstraint *constraint, cpFloat rate)
 Set the rate of the motor.

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