Missing getter

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Missing getter

Postby Mixel » Sun Jul 10, 2011 1:15 pm

Could a function for getting the segments in a polygon be added?
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Re: Missing getter

Postby slembcke » Mon Jul 11, 2011 12:53 pm

The vertexes are all in order, you just get i and i+1.
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for(int i=0; i<count; i++){
   cpVect a = cpBodyLocal2World(body, cpPolyShapeGetVert(poly, i));
   cpVect b = cpBodyLocal2World(body, cpPolyShapeGetVert(poly, (i+1)%count);

Chipmunk doesn't store the segments at all, having a function that could return them would require adding a segment struct or something like that that would only ever be used once.
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