Running a space in "slow mo"

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Running a space in "slow mo"

Postby wrgood » Fri Feb 06, 2015 3:14 pm

I am currently making a game that uses chipmunk for all the physics of the game. Currently I am stepping the space with a static time of 1/60.

I want to introduce the ability to run the game in slow mo, and the logical solution for me would be to take my step size, and adjust it with a multiplier of slow mo time (always < 1 (never fast mo)). When reading the documentation, it became clear that the recommendation is to run the game with a static time step, and this idea didn't seem as smart anymore.

So in reading a handful of different peoples experiences, it seems that the biggest proponent for using a static time step comes from the alternative of actually using a delta time between steps. I can see how using a delta time would just be bad news all around, so I became curious if this warning is to just shy us away from this. Because i would be using frame time, and then multiplying by my slow mo time, this didn't seem to be an issue for my plans.

Another problem I could see is that running at two different time steps could produce different results. In some games, that could be problematic, but in my game this is not an issue. In my game, the slow mo and regular mo games would never be compared, and any small non deterministic differences are of little concern to me.

So my question is:
Is there any other reason, that I am currently unaware of, that running at a fraction of my static time stamp in this situation would be ill advised? I spent a little bit of time looking at the internals of cpSpace and cpSpaceStep, but quickly got overwhelmed in trying to discover the answer myself.
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