Making character move on top of a moving platform

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Making character move on top of a moving platform

Postby guy_inn » Sat Jul 12, 2014 1:09 pm

hi, I am making a horizontal moving platform by using a dynamic body. I am able to move the dynamic body as needed.
Basically it has static bounds, and when it collides with them its velocity reverses, in each update I make sure its velocity remains constant (-v or + v)
Now the problem I am facing is when a character lands on top of it doesn't move with the body, i tried to make the friction between them 1 but it didn't help.
I tried to give the shape of platform a surface velocity equal to that of its moving speed but that too didn't help.

What is the simple and efficient way to take care of this?? I googled a lot but nothing much of help.

I can try to give some velocity to the character on collision when he lands on the body, but then friction of the suface of the platform need to be made zero.
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