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A ChipmunkBody tracks and controls the physical properties of an physics enabled object in your game, such as its mass, position, and rotation.

Like a PhysX RigidBody, it doesn't have a specific shape, instead you can add one or more shapes to the gameObject and its children so you have a physical shape to interact with. Every time the physics simulation runs (during Unity's FixedUpdate call), the position of the body changes in response to the simulation (gravity, etc).

When working with ChipmunkBodies, make sure to change the body's position and rotation, not the transform. When you've added a ChipmunkBody to an object, it is now driven by the physics engine, so changes to the transform will be overwritten.

ChipmunkBody Inspector

Inspector Values

Unlike PhysX and Box2D, Chipmunk is not very sensitive to units and doesn't need much tuning. So you don't need to be as careful with different (very large or small) object sizes causing performance or stability problems.

Multiple shapes on one body

Multiple shapes can be attached to each body. If you have more than one shape, attach each shape as children of the body. Like PhysX, any shape beneath the body in the hierarchy is a shape that is applied to that body.