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Thank you for supporting Chipmunk2D for Unity!

The Chipmunk2D Unity Asset Bundle contains several example scenes, each of which covers several topics. Walkthroughs of specific features are available below, or jump right in to the API documents or manual using the left sidebar.

Double Jump

Get started with the instructional guide on Double Jumping, which covers best practices using Chipmunk2D for character motion.

One-way Platforms

One-way platforms are all but essential in a platforming game. This instructional guide covers basic use of Chipmunk2D collision handlers and easily accomplishes what can be very tricky in engines like PhysX.


A slightly more complicated use of collision handlers is trampolines. Learn how to manipulate objects in response to collision events.

Dragging Objects

Clicking, tapping, and dragging is an important way to interact with with physics bodies. Do it simply and accurately!

Vehicle motor control

Vehicle motor control is coming soon!