How to compile MoonBuggyTutorial code

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How to compile MoonBuggyTutorial code

Post by vicnes »


I'm a beginner in programming. The OS that i'm using is ubuntu. I successfully build the Chipmunk-4.1.0 by using cmake then make, i'm able to view the chipmunk_demos but can anyone out there can help me how to compile the MoonBuggyTutorial code, i have try it compile the code as (gcc main.c) i'm getting error, which is :-

vicnes@vicnes-Machine:~/Documents/MoonBuggyTutorial$ ls
chipmunk.c cpArbiter.c cpBB.h cpHashSet.c cpPolyShape.h cpSpaceHash.c libchipmunk.a Makefile README.txt
chipmunk.h cpArbiter.h cpBody.c cpHashSet.h cpShape.c cpSpaceHash.h moon_buggy.c src
CMakeFiles cpArray.c cpBody.h cpJoint.c cpShape.h cpVect.c MoonBuggy-Info.plist static_lib
cmake_install.cmake cpArray.h cpCollision.c cpJoint.h cpSpace.c cpVect.h main.c MoonBuggy.xcodeproj
CMakeLists.txt cpBB.c cpCollision.h cpPolyShape.c cpSpace.h error.txt main.c~ prime.h

vicnes@vicnes-Machine:~/Documents/MoonBuggyTutorial$ gcc main.c
main.c: In function ‘drawObject’:
main.c:107: error: ‘cpShape’ has no member named ‘type’

Thank you in advance.


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Re: How to compile MoonBuggyTutorial code

Post by slembcke »

I'll look into this tomorrow as it came up somewhere else today too. I haven't looked at the Moon Buggy code in ages, so it's entirely possible that it's broken.
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