Chipmunk on Symbian S60 Phones

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Chipmunk on Symbian S60 Phones

Postby ---___db___--- » Sun Mar 01, 2009 12:41 pm

Hi there,

I created a small port for Symbian S60 Phones which I wanted to show you! I hope you like it and maybe someone can use it for future porjects :)

You get all information here: ... readID=398

and a small video on youtube ;)

Description of ChipmunkS60:

The Chipmunk port used the Symbian S60 5th edition application "MobilePaint" as basic application for the game engine. After porting the C code from the original Chipmunk PC version it was used to integrate it into the MobilePaint application. Finally the complemental part was adding a small engine to use the draw mechanism for creating objects.

Finally the last status of the project is that you can draw rectangles and circles which get a own physical state. Furthermore you can draw lines which can be used as static collision objects. By changing the drawing color you can increase the gravity, by using the stroke tool you can decrease the gravity. A button for cleaning the screen is also available. Everything is done by using the touch interface.

Restrictions of the Physic Engine:

Note: Due to the fact that most (well all by default so far) S60 phones don't have hardware floating point support (Hardware - FPU), so any floating point maths is emulated in software and thus very slow - not good for a physics engine in fact but it runs anyway.

Gameplay (steering):

When starting the application you will have a white space where you can draw all things.
On the side you have a tool panel which can be clicked and moved whereever you want. You choose your tool and start painting. During painting the physics will not be enabled. After you have finished your stroke will be moved by physics.

You can choose following tools:

Clear Screen

-not implemented- this is not working atm. It just creates a dot at the end of the line. It should let you paint full closed polygons.

With the pencil tool you can create lines. This lines are static objects and will not move, but all objects will collide with this lines.

You can create circles with this tool. After painting it gets a physic state.

You can create rectangles with this tool. After painting a rectangel it will get a physic state.

By changing the color you can increase the gravity and you change the overall color of all objects.

By changing the stroke you can decrease the gravity until you create a negative gravity.

-not implemented- this is not working atm. It should remove the last item you painted.

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Re: Chipmunk on Symbian S60 Phones

Postby slembcke » Sun Mar 01, 2009 1:45 pm

Heh, pretty cool that you wrote it using an existing paint program. Kind of a clever idea to get a bunch of functionality like that for free. I like that gravity is changed by changing the color. :)
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Re: Chipmunk on Symbian S60 Phones

Postby ---___db___--- » Mon Mar 02, 2009 7:14 pm

Well the time was short so I decided to use some other programs to get it into a fiewable status asap :)
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