New chipmunk-based project

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New chipmunk-based project

Post by ralsina »

I am glueing chipmunk+pymunk+qt+PyQt.

The end result? You can do this kind of thing:

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    b1=CPBodyItem(bpos=[50, 50],m=100)
    b2=CPBodyItem(bpos=[100, 50],m=300)
    b3=CPBodyItem(bpos=[150, 50],m=500)
    s1=CPCircleShapeItem(20, b1, e=.5, offset=[0, 0])
    s2=CPCircleShapeItem(20, b2, e=.5, offset=[0, 0])
    s3=CPCircleShapeItem(20, b3, e=.5, offset=[0,0])
    p1=CPPivotJoint([75, 50],b1, b2)
    p2=CPPivotJoint([125, 50],b2, b3)
    f1=CPSegmentShapeItem([-200, 250], [400, 350], 1, None, e=.7, u=1)
    f2=CPSegmentShapeItem([400, 150], [-200, 450], 1, None, e=.7, u=1)
    for i in b1, b2,b3,  s1, s2,s3,  p1, p2, f1, f2:
And you end up with a opengl-accelerated antialiased multiplatform scrollable display of a scene with two lines and a chain of three bouncy balls :-)

I started it for PyWeek 5, but am redoing it now with a decent API :-)

I expect it should be useful for KDE and Qt based games and/or educational stuff.

Awesome stuff, chipmunk!
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