Making 2d game with chipmunk

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Making 2d game with chipmunk

Post by h2o »

I just recently found chipmunk, and got very interested.

I was planning to make a small "Liero"-like game but with a bit of physics involved. Now, I've just been playing around to try to get a feel for the library and I have one question which needs solving before I can move on.

Characters need to be able to move across the map, but how do I accomplish this?
I have managed to move them using cpBodyApplyForce, but then there are two problems:
1. Pressing a move key should make the character move x pixels and then stop, not give it x velocity. I solved this by checking the direction of the object and then applying a force in the other direction.

2. If there are slopes I don't want my characters to immediately slide down. Ideally moving up a slope should rotate the character but not slide them (some sliding is ok).

I am happy to receive any suggestions on implementations of this kind of game.
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Re: Making 2d game with chipmunk

Post by supertommy »

As for number 2 - have you tried modifying the friction property of your shapes? Maybe if you set the friction of both the characters and the ground to 1.0, you'll see a different result.
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Re: Making 2d game with chipmunk

Post by viridis »

Just to know if you try (h2o) and if it is working ?
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Re: Making 2d game with chipmunk

Post by AndyKorth »

1) One suggestion is to make the move key give the character a certain velocity and then in your update method, cut that velocity down to a fraction of what it is. This will make things quickly come to a stop when you release the button. It'll be a little smoother than zeroing the velocity.

2) Increasing the friction should stop or slow the sliding. Tweak the moment of inertia to control the rotation.
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