Rope Physics Question

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Rope Physics Question

Postby jalex19 » Mon Dec 09, 2013 1:06 pm

Been reading about Chipmunk and considering purchasing after hearing a few good things, however I have a question about incorporating it with my game.

I'm making a "Cut the Rope" clone (for all intents and purposes its the best way to describe it in this context).

Currently in Unity I use the 3d physX rigidbodies and configurable joints to do the physics, and a Verlet method to generate a mesh that sags appropriately, but this is not tied into the actual physics. I found this to be best so that I get nice smooth movement via one configurable joint (going from the rope anchor, to the connected object). The configurable joint has a linear limit equal to the desired length of the rope, and can have motion on the X / Y plane freely as long as it doesn't exceed that limit.

Recently since 4.3 came out, I've been trying to take advantage of the Box2d physics they brought in, but I haven't been able to find an equivalent to the configurable joint in 2D. The Slider Joint only allows movement along one axis... I have a thread about it here - ... Joint-quot

Looks like Box2d has a RopeJoint that might do what I want, but it's not in Unity.

Does Chipmunk have an equivalent joint that would help me out there? If so, and I could get it set up easily, it's an instant purchase for me.

Also, does Chipmunk work with Unity's 2d colliders at all, or do they all need to be all Chipmunk Shapes? If that's the case , am I able to modify a polygon shape at runtime?
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