Chipmunk 7.x dll generated for Unity3D: missing entry points

Chipmunk2D Bindings for the Unity3D engine
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Chipmunk 7.x dll generated for Unity3D: missing entry points

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I could satisfactory generate the chipmunk dll from latest 7.x.x code using mingw32 under cygwin64. The generated dll depends on pthreadGC2.dll (since I'm using mingw32).
After located new chipmunk dll in Assets/Plugins/ and its pthreadGC2.dll dependency in Unity.exe folder, I'm having next exception in Unity when going into play mode:

Code: Select all

EntryPointNotFoundException: ChipmunkRegisterInternalCalls
ChipmunkBinding..cctor () (at Assets/Plugins/Chipmunk2D/ChipmunkBinding.cs:99)
Rethrow as TypeInitializationException: An exception was thrown by the type initializer for ChipmunkBinding
ChipmunkBody.Awake () (at Assets/Plugins/Chipmunk2D/ChipmunkBody.cs:86)
Which is expected since latest chipmunk version for Unity3D is 6.2.x and when using DependencyWalker app it shows several methods (entry points) that aren't in chipmunk 7.x.x src code.
For example:
  • ChipmunkRegisterInternalCalls
    methods starting with _cp
Is it possible you provide the implementation for the first 5 missing methods? Are they in another branch?

Thanks in advance.
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