Able (#LudwigJam entry)

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Able (#LudwigJam entry)

Post by vegard »

Hi all,

Looks like the forum isn't that active anymore, but I wanted to share a (small) game I made using Chipmunk:

Game description on itch:
"Able" is a challenging, physics-based puzzle game where your task is to climb to the top using only the strength of your arms.

Use Q, W, O, and P to control the arms (Q/P to grab and let go; W/O to pull yourself up).

Starter tip: Press Q and P together to grab on to both sides of the shaft, then press and hold W and O together to hoist yourself up. Try building up some momentum before you let go!

Inspired by games such as QWOP, Getting over it, and GIRP.

Please note that being a #LudwigJam game, the game is fairly short. My PB is currently 5 minutes and 52 seconds. A new player could get stuck for a few hours, though!

Note: The art in this game is admittedly rather minimalist. However, I put a lot of effort into the gameplay, level design, and programming, so hopefully you will still give it a try.
Here's a recording of my "speed run" PB, as proof that you can actually complete the game:

able5.png (16.02 KiB) Viewed 26450 times
Link to the code (only ~800 lines of C++!). Note that it is not distributed under an open source license yet, but I could be persuaded if I don't try to take this further, i.e. with more levels and better graphics/sound:

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Re: Able (#LudwigJam entry)

Post by slembcke »

Bwa! This looks quite hard. I bookmarked it on, and will have to take a look. :)

Yeah... the forum kinda is dead. Honestly it's mostly a fluke I even thought to check them today :-\
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