Controlled bodies

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Controlled bodies

Postby LegoCylon » Wed Jul 10, 2013 1:43 am

I've seen a lot of people directly change body position and rotation and inevitably encounter tunneling due to the teleportation. The common solution is to usually create a rogue "control" body that you translate/rotate attached to your primary body. I think this is a pretty elegant solution in making the engine work for you.

However, it seems a little heavy handed given how often this comes up to require an extra body and constraint or two. Depending on the max force configured on the constraints, you may even notice that controlled bodies act like static objects that only move when their controller does (since the rogue controller bodies can't be simulated in the space for this trick to work). If you only want the body to appear controlled when manipulated by the player, then you need to dynamically adjust the max force on the constraint to let it act naturally.

Do you think it makes sense to build the idea of a goal position/rotation or a controller into bodies on an official level since this comes up so often? I've solved things to my satisfaction in my own code, but there isn't really any clear warning or guidance about this situation in the manual so I worry that others will continue to run into the same trouble in the future.
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