Cocos2d V3.4 Chipmunk RELEASE mode display bug iOS

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Cocos2d V3.4 Chipmunk RELEASE mode display bug iOS

Postby SpeakingStones » Tue Aug 11, 2015 6:07 am

there seems to be a Cocos2dV3.4 display bug when adding lots of Chipmunk physics bodies quickly in the same spot in RELEASE MODE on a device. If the physics body is a rectangle its happens straight away, if it is a circle it takes longer but does happen. The key point is it always works fine in DEBUG mode but errors occur in RELEASE mode on the device. It always works fine in the simulator. (just Edit Scheme.. to change to release mode for RUN)

Example swift code to replicate. (simply add a dynamic polygon physics body at the same point quickly)

Code: Select all
class MainTestScene: CCNode
    var _rootPhysicsNode : CCPhysicsNode!
    var count : CCTime = 0

    override init()
        _rootPhysicsNode = CCPhysicsNode()
        _rootPhysicsNode.gravity = ccp(0,-100)

    override func update(delta: CCTime)
        count += delta
        if count > 0.2
            count = 0
            for var i = 0; i <= 10 ; i++
                let item = CCSprite(imageNamed: "ccbResources/rainbowblinky.png")
                item.anchorPoint = ccp(0.5,0.5)
                item.scale = 0.3
                item.position = ccp(CCDirector.sharedDirector().viewSize().width / 2,  CCDirector.sharedDirector().viewSize().height / 2 )
                item.physicsBody = CCPhysicsBody(rect: CGRectMake(0, 0, 100, 100), cornerRadius: 1)


In DEBUG mode you get sprites falling from a point and pushing each other out. In RELEASE MODE on an iOS device the screen flicks every second shows a single sprite and slows down to a crawl.
Can anyone help?
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Re: Cocos2d V3.4 Chipmunk RELEASE mode display bug iOS

Postby trudnai » Tue Aug 11, 2015 12:23 pm

+1 here... I have replied to you on cocos2d-swift forum. ... -bug/17858

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