QuerySegment bug

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QuerySegment bug

Postby ShiftZ » Tue Sep 25, 2012 5:31 pm

Im experiencing a very strange ray tracing bug.
Im tracing a segment shape with SegmentQuery function from right to left parallel to x-axis. And im getting miss ONLY when x coordinate of trace starting position is equal to one specific value. If i add +-0.001f to that value then im getting hit back. Only thing i can tell you about this value is that there is another poly shape in the same body as traced shape. This poly has square axis aligned form, and that x value is equal to right edge of that square, and this square placing a littlebit higher on y-axis relative to tracing segment. I could assum that it's body's AABB trace bug, but there are another two shapes in that body and it's AABB is large then this square. But somehow this square affects on trace results.

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