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ChipmunkSegmentShape Class Reference

A beveled (rounded) segment shape. More...

#import <ChipmunkShape.h>

Inherits ChipmunkShape.

Instance Methods

(id) - initWithBody:from:to:radius:
 Initialize a segment shape with the given endpoints and radius.
(void) - setPrevNeighbor:nextNeighbor:
 Let Chipmunk know about the geometry of adjacent segments to avoid colliding with endcaps.
- Instance Methods inherited from ChipmunkShape
(cpBB- cacheBB
 Update and cache the axis-aligned bounding box for this shape.

Class Methods

(id) + segmentWithBody:from:to:radius:
 Create an autoreleased segment shape with the given endpoints and radius.
- Class Methods inherited from ChipmunkShape
(ChipmunkShape *) + shapeFromCPShape:
 Get the ChipmunkShape object associciated with a cpShape pointer. More...


cpVect a
 The start of the segment shape.
cpVect b
 The end of the segment shape.
cpVect normal
 The normal of the segment shape.
cpFloat radius
 The beveling radius of the segment shape.
- Properties inherited from ChipmunkShape
 Returns a pointer to the underlying cpShape C struct.
 The ChipmunkBody that this shape is attached to.
cpBB bb
 The axis-aligned bounding box for this shape.
BOOL sensor
 Sensor shapes send collision callback messages, but don't create a collision response.
cpFloat elasticity
 How bouncy this shape is.
cpFloat friction
 How much friction this shape has.
cpVect surfaceVelocity
 The velocity of the shape's surface. More...
cpCollisionType collisionType
 An object reference used as a collision type identifier. More...
cpShapeFilter filter
 The collision filtering parameters of this shape.
 Get the space the body is added to.
id userData
 An object that this shape is associated with. More...

Detailed Description

A beveled (rounded) segment shape.

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