Deformable mesh in unity?

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Deformable mesh in unity?

Post by ChrisR »

Hi there, I'm researching stuff for my next game with unity and I'm loving what I'm seeing with Chipmunk2D. There were a couple questions I was hoping to get answered before I purchase the unity addons. The deformable mesh demos with the pro version look like exactly what I'm looking for, so I'm just wondering whether they're accessible through the the unity version or not? Maybe they're already compiled into the dylib/dlls, but just not accessible through the c# apis?

And in the case that things are available in the libs, how would I go about calling those from c# scripts from unity basic? I know you're only supposed to be able to call into libs if you have the pro version, but I noticed that you guys seem to have found a way around that for installation, so I'm hoping that means there's a work around for calling other code as well.

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Re: Deformable mesh in unity?

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The short answer is that the deformable terrain stuff is not available through Unity.

The fast deformable stuff relies heavily on bitmap drawing to back the deformation. Porting that to Unity would mean bringing a raster graphics API to Unity and exposing that too, something that would be too time consuming for the moment. It's something I might consider for the future, or expose a simple API, but not right now.
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