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Questions about Chipmunk Pro

Postby walters » Mon Apr 02, 2012 7:53 pm

hi guys

i am new to this forum and chipmunk. i wanted to buy chipmunk pro but i have a few questions regarding chipmunk or chipmunk pro and creating your own 2D levels. i wanted to use cocos2d and chipmunk(pro).
i know its best to code your own level editor for your game, but i am way to un-experienced for that :(

so know my questions thx for the help in advance:

1. is there a level editor out there so i can make curvy tunnels and walls and so something like bounce
my character maybe a ball through it with (all the chipmunk physics of course)

2. can this level also be filled with dynamic chipmunk objects like boxes, balls, switches etc., that my character can interact with?

3. can i test the level in the editor?

4. how do i link the physical chipmunk objects to graphics like png?

i dont think level helper for example will do the trick here because its tile based.
also i dont know if inkscape does work... because i need a parser for the output of inkscape.
and level svg isnt buyalbe anymore and i have no clue if it would work.

i searched the web a lot.. but i didnt came up for an satifying answer...
maybe someone has a good video on the topic
i know these where a lot of new-guy questions :/
thx for your help :)
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Re: Questions about Chipmunk Pro

Postby hidas » Tue Apr 03, 2012 1:42 pm

Some of your questions may be answered by going here:
cjhorton found some good-looking tools you could use.

Chipmunk Pro has a builtin level design tool/deformable terrain *thing* called autogeometry.
You can read more about it here:

And my game K2 has a dynamic level editor with soon-to-be switches, ropes, cannons, etc.
I wrote my own level editor for it:

I'd suggest just joining the thread "Visual Level Design Tool" and reading the answers. The original poster is asking a lot of the same questions.

Hope this helps,
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