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pymunk 4 - Chipmunk Physics from Python

PostPosted: Sun Aug 25, 2013 12:21 pm
by viblo
Hi All!

Yesterday I released a new version of pymunk, this time v 4.0. This release is definatley a milestone, pymunk is now over 5 years old! (first version was released in February 2008, for the pyweek competition) :)

In this version I use a GitHub version of Chipmunk from the glfw branch (which also contain beta 6.2 stuff like the new collision stuff).

For more info take a look at

Re: pymunk 4 - Chipmunk Physics from Python

PostPosted: Tue Aug 27, 2013 8:42 am
by slembcke
Awesome. :)

I guess that's a hint that I should get 6.2 officially released. :-\ I fiddled with it a bunch yesterday, but need to figure out how to get cmake to build and link with GLFW and GLEW. -_- It's nice that somebody set it up for me and it's mostly made x-platform builds "just work" but I have no idea how it works, and it's sort of opaque. :(

Anyway. I'll get that figured out soon. I started on a 7.x branch last week while traveling and I really need to clean house!