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Chipmunk C++ wrapper

Postby Irwin1138 » Thu Aug 14, 2008 1:29 am

Here is my C++ wrapper for Chipmunk Physics.
This is a very thin layer above the chipmunk itself, mostly for convenience of auto construction\destruction.
* chipmunk in C++ style
* Kustom Accessorz functions // not a typo, intended :P
* use of powerful Boost's smart pointers (the wrapper is based upon the smart pointers, so if you dont like boost or cant use it then the wrapper is probably useless for you)
* inline implementation in headers for minimal performance impact of the wrapper and convenience

wrapped structures(with corresponding functions):

IMPORTANT NOTE: Be sure to place include safeguards to chipmunk.h!

This wrapper is intended for free public use, there arent any limitations, so feel free to download, modify, use it however you like 8)
If you have any useful suggestions\feature request\modifications\patches post them here, and I will update my code.
I did NOT test every piece of the code, so there could be a few bugs. But everything I did test is working. Ill be glad to hear about the bugs if you find any 8)

The wrapper has its most use in simple games\prototypes\tests where you dont need a complicated physics framework for the chipmunk physics.
The wrapper 'assumes' chipmunk version 4.0.2
Convenience link:

EDIT: I've added a github repository for the ChipmunkWrapper, so you can fork it or follow. Here is the link: ChipmunkWrapper at
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Re: Chipmunk C++ wrapper

Postby Irwin1138 » Tue Jul 28, 2009 5:32 am

Added a github repository link.
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