pymunk 2.1.0 - Chipmunk physics from python!

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pymunk 2.1.0 - Chipmunk physics from python!

Postby viblo » Sun Dec 04, 2011 1:05 am

Check out this thread for the latest version: viewtopic.php?f=6&t=2311


Today I released version 2.1 of pymunk. pymunk is a easy-to-use pythonic 2d physics library that can be used whenever you need 2d rigid body physics from Python, and it is built on top of Chipmunk.

This latest release fixes a number of issues from the 2.0 version, it should now work on 64bit python, the source release should contain examples and chipmunk src and more.

pymunk is a binding to chipmunk for use in python. (Big thanks for Chipmunk slembcke!) It puts a pythonic layer above chipmunk to make it easy to use for python programmers. You can now do stuff like:
Code: Select all
body = pymunk.Body(10,1000)
shape = pymunk.Circle(body, 10, (0,0))
space.add(body, shape)
# and also
def pre_solve(space, arb):
    print arb.shapes
    return True
space.add_collision_handler(0, 0, None, pre_solve, None, None)

It is (or striving to be):

  • Easy to use It should be easy to use, no complicated stuff should be needed to add physics to your game/program.
  • "Pythonic" It should not be visible that a c-library (chipmunk) is in the bottom, it should feel like a python library (no strange naming, OO, no memory handling and more)
  • Simple to build & install You shouldnt need to have a zillion of libraries installed to make it install, or do a lot of command line trixs.
  • Multiplatform Should work on both windows, nix and OSX.
  • Non-intrusive It should not put restrictions on how you structure your program and not force you to use a special game loop, it should be possible to use with other libraries like pygame and pyglet.

I hope and believe that with the latest release these points are at least partly fulfilled and visible if you use pymunk.

pymunk (source/svn, some screenshots and the latest packed release) can be found here:

(note, I made a new post instead of continuing the old thread to keep things a little easier to find for people)
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Re: pymunk 2.1.0 - Chipmunk physics from python!

Postby slembcke » Sun Dec 04, 2011 1:12 pm

Awesome. Thanks viblo. While I don't use Python personally, I know that quite a few people use Pymunk from the number of threads about it. It's always great to get support from the community like you doing.
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