Soft bodies

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Soft bodies

Postby pTymN » Tue Sep 25, 2007 2:20 pm


I was noticing that Alec Rivers has released the physical source, which is a 2d physics engine that is notable for being slow, and supporting liquids/soft bodies. After some pondering and glancing through code, I determined that it would probably be easier to add soft bodies to Chipmunk than to add rigid bodies to physical.

It seems that the main issue with Chipmunk is that I'd like to be able to collide zero radius particles with other items in a chipmunk scene, and also collide small force fields with objects in a scene, but use custom code to handle the collision in those cases, a soft repel as opposed to a hard collision. Any thoughts? Has anyone made liquids with Chipmunk?
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Re: Soft bodies

Postby slembcke » Wed Sep 26, 2007 12:29 am

I have thought about it, but it's really difficult to mix jakobsen style physics with the impulse based stuff I do in Chipmunk. The issue is that the jakobsen physics works on positions while Chipmunk works on velocities. Because they are done at differing times of the integration, it's darn near impossible to mix them well.

Creating jakobsen style objects that are affected by the rigid bodies (but not the other way around) would be very doable though. At least it could be used for special effects and some limited gameplay then.
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