compiling under linux

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compiling under linux

Postby dino » Tue Sep 25, 2007 6:55 am

Hi there,

i use chipmunk together with pymunk under linux. To compile chipmunk under linux i use the following scons script, maybe someone else has some use of it too
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import glob

env = Environment()
env['CPPFLAGS'] = '-O3 -std=gnu99'

env.SharedLibrary('chipmunk', glob.glob('src/*.c'))

too use it just crate a file named "SConstruct" in the root directory of chipmunk, past the code in it and run "scons" (of course you need scons installed therefor ;))

it should also work on windows, os x and other posix systems (*bsd and such).
IIRC scons can also generated ms vc project files.

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