How to CMake Chipmunk with Orwell Dev-C++?

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How to CMake Chipmunk with Orwell Dev-C++?

Postby ron1ck » Tue Jul 21, 2015 2:45 pm

Hi guys

I'm new using Chipmunk 2d, i've already been using it on Linux. :)
But my question is there a way to compile the source with Dev-C++ on Windows 7 64 bits for 32 bits, cause
with Cmake i dunno how to install lc...
And when i try to cmake with console says "nothing to be done"
and with cmake gui gives a ton of warnings.

And last, i want to know if is there a way to use chipmunk 2d on windows out of the box with SDL2.
(I've already created 32 bits executables with just SDL2 in Dev-C++ 5.10).

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