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Pool game with Cocos2d-js

Postby froggerjohn » Sat Jan 17, 2015 10:57 am

Searching the forum for the closest match to what I want to do, is this post from 2011.

Though a 2D game, I do want to model 3D ball spin, table/rail friction, and all the spin interactions for a full simulation.

Thus, I'd love to get some further details that were hinted about in the older thread, and which may have evolved since then anyway. Below was Scott's response, and any additional info would be most appreciated.

"In order to simulate the interaction with the table, you'd have to create a control body and constraints like in the tank demo, but with some tweaks. I can explain this further if you are interested."

Of primary importance in the early stages of my game, is just making a determination of whether using Chipmunk (versus from scratch) is the right choice, and if I can get to my destination that way.
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